Eurotec 4.5mm Hapatec

Eurotec 4.5mm Hapatec hardened stainless steel wood screws with a torx drive.

A high quality decking and facade wood screws with an attractive small ornamental head.

Torx Drive Screws for Decking, Facades and high quality carpentry processes.

Eurotec 4.5mm Hapatec Hardened

Hapatec Wood Screws Hardened stainless steel
Hapatec Wood Screws Hardened Stainless Steel
4.5 x 45mm4.5 x 50mm4.5 x 60mm
4.5 x 70mm4.5 x 80mm


Small head size

Torx Drive

Cut point

Ribs under the head for self countersiunking.

A hardened stainless steel with similar properties to A2 stainless but with a greater strength.

A 60% higher breaking strain compared to A2 and A4 stainless

Can be magnetised

Pefect solution for siberian larch, douglas fir, composite wood and plastics etc

For acidic woods we recommend the A4 version.

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