5.0mm Hapatec Hardened Stainless Screws

5.0mm Hapatec Hardened Stainless Screws Small head decking and facade screws in a specialy hardened stainless steel with a Torx Drive.

Hapatec hardened stainless screws 60% greater breaking torque than A2 and A4.

Suitable for cladding, decking and all carpentry work. Hardened stainless is a perfect solution for siberian larch, douglas fir, Ipe, yellow balau, composite boards etc

CodeBox QuantityMaterialSize (Diameter x Length)HeadTorx
111817200AISI 4105.0mm x 50.0mmReduced HeadTX25
111818200AISI 4105.0mm x 60.0mmReduced HeadTX25
111819200AISI 4105.0mm x 70.0mmReduced HeadTX25
111820200AISI 4105.0mm x 80.0mmReduced HeadTX25
111888200AISI 4105.0mm x 90.0mmReduced HeadTX25
111889200AISI 4105.0mm x 100mmReduced HeadTX25

Torx Drive Screws for Decking, Facades and high quality carpentry processes

  • Resistance to rust, not acid-resistant – If near Salt Water or Swimming Pools A4 version is required.
  • Not suitable for woods containing high amounts of tanning agents, such as, eg, cumaru, oak, merbau, robinia, etc for this use A4
  • Stainless steel in accordance with DIN 10088
  • 60% greater breaking torque than A2 and A4
  • Hapatec Screws in hardened stainless steel can be magnetised

5.0mm Hapatec Hardened Stainless Screws available in Bucket Kits

We offer added value bucket kits with Drill stop and torx bits.

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