5.0mm Heller SDS Drill Bits – Tri-Jet

Heller SDS Drill Bits – Tri-Jet for Concrete, Brick & Stone. A premium choice in SDS plus drill bits. The Tri-Jet Drill Bits have a patented Tip for fast drilling and cutting through smaller rebar in concrete. Heller produce the range from 5mm to 16mm diameter and up to 600mm long. For over 16mm they produce the Y-Cutter in the premium range.

5.0mm Diameter Drill Bits
Heller SDS Drill BitsHeller SDS Drill Bits
5.0 x 110mm5.0 x 160mm

SDS Drill Bits – Tri-Jet Feature:

  • New generation of hammer bits: powerful, fast & consistent
  • Impeller cutting edge with 3 blades for more effective material removal
  • Increased power transmission when drilling thanks to shaft-form head design
  • Long service life thanks to extremely wear-resistant single-phase tungsten carbide alloy
  • Robust head geometry thanks to embedded tungsten carbide head – will withstand multi impacts with reinforcement
  • Extremely fast removal of dust without blow-out thanks to wide spiral form
  • Optimised low-vibration triple spiral
  • DuraTec hardening technique by means of high-temperature soldering and shot-blasting technology
  • Certified by the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer (PGM) in accordance with the requirements of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)

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