7.0mm HSS Ruko UNI Drills Cobalt Co5

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Less slipping in starting due to point angle, Better grip in Tool due to 3 flat sides.

More flutes and thicker body to strengthen the drill bit and produce a very fast cut in stainless steel.

  • DIN 338
  • Material HSSE-Co 5
  • Surface Gold / Black surface
  • Cutting direction right hand cutting
  • Shank 3-way clamping surface
  • Drilling depth 5 x D
  • Point cut Shape N: Helical point normal ground
  • Point angle 135°
  • Helix angle 40°
  • Tolerance h8
  • Profile of flute wide, for better chip removal
  • Core normal
  • The 3-surface-shank provides an excellent fixing within the drill chuck with little effort. In addition, the shank ensures an ideal power transmission. No spinning of the drill! The 135º high performance cutting edge ensures a very high aligned preciseness, particularly when hand-operated with a cordless drilling machine. The edge prevents sliding off corrugated surfaces whilst spot-drilling. Increased wear resistance of the rechargeable battery due to reduction of cutting forces. The black bevel increases the wear resistance and prevents cold welding and build-up edges. The 40º helix angle enables a perfect and fast chip removal and provides a high cutting speed along with increased stability and accuracy.
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