Tectane Penetrating Oil MOS2 400ml PO496

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UPC: 4001587125137
Brand: Tectane
Brand Product Line: Penetrating Oil PO496
Type: Metal Cutting Oil
Diameter: 400ml

Penetrating Oil MoS2

Penetrating oil with molybdenum

Penetrating Oil is a well-established lubricant and rust remover. Penetrating Oil solves, effortlessly and fast, a number of problems with servicing, repairs, maintenance and production. With cleaning and repairs, the problem always arises that old, corroded connections and screwed joints have to be unfastened.


  • Unfastening connections, such as screwed joints, nuts and bolts, which have become stuck through rust
  • Offering lasting protection from corrosion
  • Greasing sliding surfaces
  • Removing squeaking and creaking noises
  • Cleaning brake linkages, bowden cables, chains of all sorts and keeping them in good condition
  • Areas of application

    The well-balanced selection of raw materials results in an immediate effect on badly corroded connections. Its strong capillary action and excellent flow properties enable Penetrating Oil to find its way into the smallest of spaces. The anti-corrosion components in the product prevent new rust from being formed on parts treated. The easy way of handling Penetrating Oil in aerosols enables the consumer to handle it safely and to use it in an economic way by applying it right on the rust spot. Tectane Penetrating Oil can be used for car maintenance, industry, household, marine etc.


    Shelf life
    Storage between +5°C and +25°C and in shaded conditions. Shelf life is 24 months when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging.
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