Timber Framing Ratchet Beam Clamp - Ratchet beam tensioner (1 Clamp)

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Product Details
UPC: 4250207479864
Brand: Eurotec
Type: Ratchet Beam Clamps
Head Style: Hammer In Claw Type
Box Quantity: 1
Added Value: Comes in a plastic case
Material Specification: Drop Forged Hooks
Commodity Code / Tariff Number: 7326909890
Units in product: Pice for one clamp

The beam grip is an indispensable aid for carpenters. Whether you want to align a roof truss or carry out other carpentry work, the beam grip allows you to prestress timber quickly and easily.

Here is an overview of product’s advantages:

• Beam grip = less force required

• Drop forged hooks

• No risk of splitting while driving in

• High-quality lead screw

• Ergonomic rubber handle

• 320 mm ratchet length for optimum load transmission

• Double-sided handling thanks to clockwise/anticlockwise selector

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