Premium Torx Drive Stainless Steel Countersunk Wood Screws

Premium stainless screws. High quality part thread double countersunk torx (Star) drive wood screws.

ETA approved wood screws for all carpentry applications.

A2 Stainless Double Countersunk Torx Cut Point & Ribs Wood Screws

Stainles Steel A4 316 marine grade and A2 304 wood screws with a double countersunk reinforced head.

Available with plain head and sharp point or Ribbed head and cutting tip.

4 thoughts on “Premium Torx Drive Stainless Steel Countersunk Wood Screws

  1. Hello if the A4 screws are marked in red does that mean they are out of stock or discontinued ?

    1. Hi Roger, Red is usual colour for A4 316 products.

      Can you let me know what sizes you are looking for?


  2. i need screws for outside oak decking 28ml so corrosion will not occur. Whats the difference between a2 & a4?

    Can you price for 200? size 50ml ?


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