SCM Surface Conditioning Products

Sia SCM surface conditioning products Non woven abrasives for surface conditioning of work pieces.

Bild 1129
Bild 1129

Surface Conditioning Materials (SCM)

Our Surface Conditioning Materials (SCM) have been designed for machine operation in either disc or belt format. Sia Fibral Surface Conditioning Material will:

  • Remove surface imperfections
  • Generate the required finish in one operation
  • Produce clean, smooth, burr-free surfaces
  • Refine grind lines in fewer steps than coated abrasives
  • Provide a unique combination of aggression, finish and life
  • Give a consistent, repeatable finish
  • SCM replaces traditionally used products such as coated abrasives and wire brushes

Series 6250 Surface Conditioning

This series can be used in both belt and disc form; it’s a great all-rounder. The stiff nature of this product adds to the aggression of the coarser grade discs in the range, which makes it ideal for pre-paint operations on carbon steel, light stock removal and grind line removal on Innox steel. The finer grade discs in the range are excellent finishing products on Inox (stainless steel).

SCM Surface Conditioning Products Available in Multiple Grits

GradeGrit Number
Extra Coarse
Heavy Medium
Very Fine

*Also available in siafix

For more details of product such as these, see our Swiftfix Distributors Ltd. site.

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