Auger Bits Tropical Hardwood

Auger Bits tropical hardwood including Greenheart, Ekki etc

Lewis pattern Auger Bit with a rough brad point, main edge and bottom blade made from alloyed tool steel. These augers are used for boring deep holes in hardwoods including Bongossi.

The Auger Bits tropical hardwood have a low heat development due to a special cutting knife so can endure extreme temperatures when cutting extremely hard wood.

6 piece set is available in a wooden box; 10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,18mm and 20mm
Box QuantitySize (Diameter x Length)Drive StyleUPC
18.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537665
110.0mm x 160mmRound Shank9002696164265
110.0mm x 400mmHex Shank657039537672
110.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537689
112.0mm x 400mmHex Shank657039537696
112.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537702
114.0mm x 400mmHex Shank657039537719
114.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537726
114.0mm x 650mmHex Shank
116.0mm x 320mmHex Shank
116.0mm x 400mmHex Shank657039537733
116.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537740
116.0mm x 650mmHex Shank
118.0mm x 400mmHex Shank657039537757
118.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537764
118.0mm x 480mmHex Shank657039537771
118.0mm x 650mmHex Shank657039537788
120.0mm x 400mmHex Shank657039537795
120.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537801
122.0mm x 320mmHex Shank
122.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537825
122.0mm x 480mmHex Shank657039537832
122.0mm x 650mmHex Shank657039537849
124.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537856
126.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537887
126.0mm x 650mmHex Shank657039537894
128.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537900
130.0mm x 460mmHex Shank657039537924
132.0mm x 650mmHex Shank657039537955
135.0mm x 650mmHex Shank657039538006
138.0mm x 650mmHex Shank657039538068

We also supply all types of premium wood cutting tools:

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