Bolt Head Sleeve Anchors

Bolt Head Sleeve Anchors – light duty fixings for fixing into brick, stone, concrete etc

Bolt Head Sleeve Anchors are an easy replacement for the shield anchor as they are easy to install. You drill through the item you are fixing, into the base material, and insert the anchor through the hole – eliminating the need to move the work piece.

JCP Hex Bolt Sleeve AnchorsRawlplug Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchors
Hex Bolt Sleeve AnchorHex Bolt Sleeve Anchor

JCP Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchor Features:

  • Thin walled sleeve anchor suitable for use in concrete, stone, brickwork, perforated bricks and dense concrete blocks.
  • Diagonal slots enable the small gaps to be pulled down and a positive clamping force to be exerted through the fixture.

Rawlplug Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchor Features:

  • Medium weight applications anchor.
  • Anchor designed for optimum performance in most base materials.
  • Integral collapse feature to ensure maximum clamping force is applied to the fixture.
  • Bolt and drill size marked on sleeve for accurate installation.

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