5.0mm Paneltwistec PT1000 Countersunk Torx

Paneltwistec 5.0mm Diameter Countersunk Torx Drive Screws with a special coating (Ruspert) suitable for external works – 1000 hr Salt Spray Test approved.

Paneltwistec PT1000 Countersunk

External coated screws.

5.0 x 25mm5.0 x 30mm5.0 x 35mm5.0 x 40mm
5.0 x 45mm5.0 x 50mm5.0 x 60mm5.0 x 70mm
5.0 x 80mm5.0 x 90mm5.0 x 100mm5.0 x 120mm

5.0mm Paneltwistec PT1000

5.0mm diameter External coated wood screws. Paneltwistec PT1000 High quality construction timber wood screws. These are available in Countersunk Torx Drive and Flange Head Torx Drive. They are available up to 6.0mm diameter in Countersunk and 10.0mm in Flange Head. The 8.0mm diameter are available up to 400mm long and the 10.0mm up to 240mm long. For extra long length screws look at the Paneltwistec AG+ Blue.

CE Approved ETA- 11/0024 Wood Screws German made.

3.5mm Diameter
4.0mm Diameter
4.5mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter
6.0mm Diameter


Please contact our sales office for more information and pricing. Swiftfix sales 023 80 446644 email sales@swiftfix.co.uk

Corrosion Protection,

PT1000 has a special coating that has been tested to 1000 hours of salt spraying directly on to

the fixing before any sign of protection fatigue.

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