Paneltwistec Countersunk Torx Zinc and Yellow

Extra long construction wood screws available in Countersunk Torx Zinc & Yellow up to 400mm, 500mm and 600mm long.

3.5mm diameter, 4.0mm diameter, 4.5mm diameter, 5.0mm diameter,
6.0mm diameter, 8.0mm diameter, 10.0mm diameter, 12.0mm diameter

Swiftfix in Southampton supply a complete range of Eurotec Construction Wood Screws
For Timber Frame Construction. Screws are available up to 600mm and even 1000mm long.

Construction Wood Screws for use with Timber Framing, Glulam Beams, Timber Roof Construction, Insulated roofs with increased insulation thicknesses.

Contact our sales office for more information Phone 023 80 446644 email

Paneltwistec yellow zinc plated construction wood screws. Suitable for various timber
framing work. Can be used for fixing over roof rafter insulation up to 300m thick.
Available from 3.5mm up to 12.0mm diameter.

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