Paneltwistec Screws Countersunk Stainless Steel

Paneltwistec Screws Countersunk Hardened Stainless Steel Torx Drive are timber construction wood screws made in Germany. The Paneltwistec screws are available in a vast range of diameters and lengths, with very long lengths available up to 1200mm. At Swiftfix we sell these screws in diameters 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, and 6.0mm.

Paneltwistec Screws CSK Hardened St.St – 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm & 6.0mm

ETA Approved Paneltwistec Screws Countersunk Stainless Steel Hardened Wood Screws. ETA-11/0024.

  • This steel combines the best properties of carbon and stainless steels. Conditionally rust-resistant like an A2 with the high mechanical values of a galvanised steel. Hardened stainless steel is not acid-resistant, which is why it is also not the best product for fastening wood containing tanning agents (eg green oak) A4 316 grade is recommended for this.
  • Hardened stainless steel can also be magnetised.
  • This stainless steel is in accordance with DIN 10088.
  • The screw is also suitable for use in external wood-wood connections and is commonly used in garden, façade and balcony construction.

For A4 316 sizes and A2 Stainless Steel screws, you can find them on our Stainless Steel Wood Screws page.

Paneltwistec Screws Countersunk Options

Paneltwistec CSK Torx AG Blue+Paneltwistec CSK Torx Zinc & Yellow
Paneltwistec CSK Torx Stainless SteelPaneltwistec CSK Torx 1000hr Salt Spray Tested

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