6.0mm x 300mm Paneltwistec Flange Head Torx AG Blue+

6mm x 300mm wafer head wood screws. Extra long washer or flange head construction wood screws. Premium Paneltwistec high strength wood screws. Torx TX30 Drive Eurotec Part 945732.

Approved ro ETA-11/0024
Approved ro ETA-11/0024

6mm x 300mm Wood Screws the Paneltwistec AG Blue+ High quality construction timber wood screws are  suitable for warm roof construction, SIP Panel construction.

These are available in Countersunk Torx Drive and Flange Head or washer head Torx Drive.
The 6.0mm are available up to 300mm long with the 8.0mm up to 600mm and the 10.0mm up to
400mm long.

Corrosion Protection, Blue+ is an innovative coating system with greater
corrosion resistance than standard electrogalvanised surfaces.

In the blue+ system, a sealant is applied to a galvanised surface and reacts

with it. In this way, any weak points in the galvanisation are safely sealed

and protected. The coating is free of chromium(VI) oxide, which is classified

among other things as being hazardous to the environment.

Surfaces treated with blue+ have excellent resistance to mechanical stress.

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