Paneltwistec Flange Head Torx Stainless Steel


Paneltwistec flange head torx stainless steel wood screws with a flange wafer head.

Hardened stainless steel combines the best properties of carbon steel and stainless steel.

A much stronger stainless steel screw than A2 and A4 grade.

It is rust-resistant like an A2 but with the high mechanical values of a galvanised steel. Hardened stainless steel is not fully acid-resistant so it is therefore also not the best option for fastening woods that contain tannin (e.g. green oak).

Paneltwistec Washer Head Wood Screws

Excellent for external uses in most woods and plastics. Great for playground companies, solar roofing, street furniture etc.

Available to order online.

Part NumberSizeHead DiameterDriveBox Quanitity
9757726.0 x 60mm14.0mmTX30100
9757736.0 x 80mm14.0mmTX30100
9757746.0 x 100mm14.0mmTX30100
9757756.0 x 120mm14.0mmTX30100
9757766.0 x 140mm14.0mmTX30100
9757776.0 x 160mm14.0mmTX30100
9452788.0 x 80mm21-23mmTX4050
9452708.0 x 100mm21-23mmTX4050
9452718.0 x 120mm21-23mmTX4050
9452728.0 x 140mm21-23mmTX4050
9453648.0 x 160mm21-23mmTX4050
9453658.0 x 180mm21-23mmTX4050
9453668.0 x 200mm21-23mmTX4050
9453678.0 x 220mm21-23mmTX4050
9453688.0 x 240mm21-23mmTX4050
9453698.0 x 260mm21-23mmTX4050
9453708.0 x 280mm21-23mmTX4050
9453718.0 x 300mm21-23mmTX4050
9453728.0 x 320mm21-23mmTX4050
9453738.0 x 340mm21-23mmTX4050
9453748.0 x 360mm21-23mmTX4050
9453758.0 x 380mm21-23mmTX4050
9453768.0 x 400mm21-23mmTX4050

• Hardened stainless steel can be magnetised. • Stainless steel in accordance with DIN 10088.

• The screw is suitable for use in timber–timber joints in outdoor installations and is used in garden, façade and balcony construction.

Advantages AG screw tip

• Faster and easier screwing

• Reduced splitting effect

• With building-authority approval

PDF date sheet for Aluminium Joists
Pdf file

For wafer or flange head screws in stainless steel visit our web shop.

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