Fisch 0321 Forstner Bits

The Fisch 0321 multi spur Forstner bits for accurate drilling in all kind of soft and solid woods.


Used for timber construction and especially good at cutting in to the end-grain of wood.

The multi spur teeth make it easy to drill due to less friction. therefore reducing heat.

Work perfectly for sinking in bolts and screws in to heavy timbers.

DIN 7483G, with center point, multi spur peripheral cutter and shank with 3 flats. Other diameters and specifications on request.

Fisch 0321 Forstner Bits Cut
PDF date sheet for Aluminium Joists
Data Sheet

Fisch 0321 Forstner Bits are available to order online.

Article NumberDiameterTotal LengthCutting DepthShank
0321 0120012.0mm120mm60mm12.7mm
0321 0140014.0mm125mm65mm12.7mm
0321 0150015.0mm125mm65mm12.7mm
0321 0160016.0mm125mm65mm12.7mm
0321 0180018.0mm130mm70mm12.7mm
0321 0190019.0mm130mm70mm12.7mm
0321 0200020.0mm130mm70mm12.7mm
0321 0220022.0mm130mm70mm12.7mm
0321 0240024.0mm135mm75mm12.7mm
0321 0250025.0mm135mm75mm12.7mm
0321 0260026.0mm135mm75mm12.7mm
0321 0280028.0mm135mm75mm12.7mm
0321 0300030.0mm140mm80mm12.7mm
0321 0320032.0mm140mm80mm12.7mm
0321 0340034.0mm145mm85mm12.7mm
0321 0350035.0mm145mm85mm12.7mm
0321 0360036.0mm145mm85mm12.7mm
0321 0380038.0mm145mm85mm12.7mm
0321 0400040.0mm150mm90mm12.7mm
0321 0450045.0mm150mm90mm12.7mm
0321 0500050.0mm155mm95mm12.7mm
0321 0550055.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0600060.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0650065.0mm160mm110mm12.7mm
0321 0680068.0mm160mm110mm12.7mm
0321 0700070.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0750075.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0780078.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0800080.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0850085.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 0900090.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 10000100.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 12000120.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm
0321 13000130.0mm160mm100mm12.7mm

The sizes range from 12mm diameter up to 130mm all come with a shank 12.7mm and as 3 flats, so are suitable for 13mm chucks.

Extension rods are available enable the option of drilling deeper holes.

PDF date sheet for Aluminium Joists
Extension rod data sheet
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