Hex Head Safety Anchor Bolts

Rawlplug R-SPL-II-L SafetyPlus Loose Bolt

Image of hex head safety anchor

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Hex Head Safety Anchor Features

  • Mechanical anchor for highest tension and shear loads
  • Seismic category C2 for Structural applications. Seismic category C1 for non-structural use in areas with low seismic risk.
  • For usage with required fire resistance
  • Option 1 ETA for Cracked and Non- Cracked Concrete.
  • Antirotation brush to prevent rotation during installation.
  • Anchor’s construction allows easy through-installation  (drilling and installation through fixed material)
  • Three types of tips (nut, flat or tapered bolt) allow simple fitment for installed element
  • 8.8 grade steel material of anchor provides high durability

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