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FiboTec Multi Hole Technology.

The sunflower principle

Nature is a master of engineering. For all nature's diversity there is one shape which crops up time and time again - a spiral structure based on the Fibonacci Sequence.

A string of numbers in which each successive number is equal to the sum of the two preceding numbers.

Spirals such as this can be found in anything from a tiny snail to a giant galaxy.

Sunflower seeds are arranged in a pattern of intersecting spirals, so ensuring that they do not block each others sunlight.

The result- maximum light yield.


Used fo FiboTec

Taking inspiration from nature and the Fibonacci Sequence, Sia Abrasives has developed an abrasive disc with holes arranged in opposing spirals like sunflower seeds.

Compared to standard hole patterns this makes for better dust extraction, less clogging, significantly faster material removal, longer abrasive lifeand less dust residue on the workpiece and in workspace during sanding.

The result

Higher abrasive performance thanks to minimum dust extraction.

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  1. Steve lewis says:

    Great to see these now being sold in the uk

  2. Robert Faulkner says:

    I am looking at buying one of your augers but my country, Australia, does not show up on your list. Is it possible for me to buy one or do you not ship to Australia

  3. Allan Grigo says:

    Hi im trying to get a order to Australia but i cant enter Australia in the order form .

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