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Eurocode 5 Standard for Gun Nails.
is the European directive for design of timber buildings & civil engineering works, also known as EN1995. It sets standards for the quality of fasteners by looking at factors such as material properties, climate, load bearing capacity, stiffness, plus bending, pull through & withdrawal tests. EC5 Nails fall into 3 service classes which are mainly related to the moisture content in timber, but external factors, such as local atmospheric conditions and timber preservation treatments can affect the required Service Class:
Service Class 1
indoor environment with low moisture content or no damp / condensation (fastener finish
may be bright or galv nails with less than 12micron zinc,
often termed electro galv
, or a structural staple
with min 12micron zinc)
Service Class 2
area outside the structure's thermal barrier, but is a protected outdoor environment (e,g.
fastener with a minimum 12 micron zinc coated galvanising,
often termed galv+)

Service Class 3

Unprotected outdoor environment / exposed directly to atmosphere, high humidity, coastal
areas (e.g. fasteners with a 50micron
Hot Dip Galv coating or stainless steel)



  1. Steve lewis says:

    Great to see these now being sold in the uk

  2. Robert Faulkner says:

    I am looking at buying one of your augers but my country, Australia, does not show up on your list. Is it possible for me to buy one or do you not ship to Australia

  3. Allan Grigo says:

    Hi im trying to get a order to Australia but i cant enter Australia in the order form .

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