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Rotabroach Mini Cutters 6mm up to 25mm


Rotabroach Mini Cutters 6mm up to 25mm 794-RCM
Mini Cutters drill view
Mini Cutters kit view

Rotabroach Mini Cutters

  • Rotabroach Mini Cutters cut clean, burr-free holes in seconds.
  • The professional solution for cutting holes in sheet metal, pipes and plastics.
  • Precision ground teeth and flutes ensure a fast, smooth and accurate cut every time.
  • Over 3 times faster than standard twist drills making them highly economical.
  • Low power consumption giving a long life to cordless drills.
£10.67 In stock
Type:For sheet metal, pipes and plastics
Drive Style:up to 20mm 3/8 & 1/2 chuck / 21-25mm 1/2 chuck
Material Specification:6-20mm cut up to 6.4mm material / 21-25mm cut up to 12mm material
Box Quantity:1 cutter
Drive:Use with Arbor
Mini Cutters 6mm (10.67) 7mm (10.67) 8mm (11.91) 9mm (11.91) 10mm (15.03) 11mm (15.03) 12mm (15.87) 13mm (16.91) 14mm (16.91) 15mm (16.91) 16mm (18.68) 17mm (21.07) 18mm (21.07) 19mm (22.32) 20mm (22.32) 21mm (34.08) 22mm (34.08) 23mm (35.12) 24mm (37.4) 25mm (39.8)



  1. Steve lewis says:

    Great to see these now being sold in the uk

  2. Robert Faulkner says:

    I am looking at buying one of your augers but my country, Australia, does not show up on your list. Is it possible for me to buy one or do you not ship to Australia

  3. Allan Grigo says:

    Hi im trying to get a order to Australia but i cant enter Australia in the order form .

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