Pedix 300+150 Post Feet

Pedix 300+150 Post Feet Metal post bases that raise from 300mm up to 450mm high. Adjustable all metal post bases in a fully hot dip galvanised finish, the PediX post foot is overall a post bearer for constructive wood protection. Supplied with a kit including a Epdm gasket and also all the screws to fix to the post. It can also be mounted directly to the cross-grained wood of the post by means of 12 fully threaded screws, without the need for additional beams or pre-drilling. An EPDM joint between post foot and post additionally ensures protection of the wood against penetrating moisture.

Pedix 300 150
Pedix Post Feet 300+1504250207489511

Product Data Sheet

ETA 13/0550 Pedix
ETA approval

Examples of use are canopies, car ports, porches, arbors, pegolas, decking amongst many other uses.

Following assembly, the post foot is still height-adjustable up to 50, 100 or 150 mm, respectively (except post foot B500). Any production tolerances due the construction or the subsequent setting of the foundations can be compensated by means of the height adjustment. The post foot also offers high tensile and compressive load capacities. The durability of the foot is also ensured by means of hot dip galvanization in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944-2 (C3).

If you would like more information on this product, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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