JCP Galvanised Throughbolts – Concrete Anchors

Concrete Anchor Fixings – Throughbolts  JCP

Anchor Fixings – Fixings for  Non Cracked Concrete. Concrete anchor or through bolt in a galvanised finish. Drill the same size hole remove the dust hammer in and tighten up.

JCP Galvanised Throughbolts Sizing:

JCP Galvanised Throughbolts - Concrete Anchors
Box QuantitySize (Diameter x Length x Thread Length)Drive StyleUPC
100M8 x 50mm x 22.0mmHammer In5014196002347
100M8 x 75mm x 25.0mmHammer In5014196002354
100M8 x 95mm x 25.0mmHammer In5014196002361
100M8 x 120mm x 25.0mmHammer In5014196002378
50M10 x 60mm x 25.0mmHammer In5014196002385
50M10 x 70mm x 25.0mmHammer In5014196214269
50M10 x 85mm x 40.0mmHammer In5014196002392
50M10 x 100mm x 60.0mmHammer In5014196002408
50M10 x 125mm x 30.0mmHammer In5014196002422
25M12 x 85mm x 50.0mmHammer In5014196002446
25M12 x 100mm x 35.0mmHammer In5014196002453
25M12 x 115mm x 35.0mmHammer In5014196002477
25M12 x 145mm x 35.0mmHammer In5014196002484
25M12 x 180mm x 80.0mmHammer In5014196002491
20M16 x 110mm x 40.0mmHammer In5014196002514
20M16 x 125mm x 40.0mmHammer In5014196002521
20M16 x 150mm x 40.0mmHammer In5014196002538
10M16 x 200mm x 40.0mmHammer In5014196002545
10M20 x 170mm x 45.0mmHammer In5014196002552
10M20 x 220mm x 45.0mmHammer In5014196002569
10M20 x 280mm x 45.0mmHammer In5014196002576

For more information on JCP Galvanised Throughbolts – Concrete Anchors, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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