Rawlplug R-XPT-HD Galvanised Throughbolts

Rawlplug R-XPT-HD Galvanised Through bolts Concrete Anchor Bolts

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Premium quality through bolts for concrete. The Rawlplug R-XPT-HD is a through fixing wedge anchor, parabolt, throughbolt in a spun galvanised finish for external works.

Rawlplug R-XPT-HD Sizing:


Galvanised Throughbolts Features:

  • Embedment depth markings help to ensure precise installation
  • R-XPT-HD is suitable for reduced embedment to avoid contact with reinforcement
  • Head marking helps to determine anchor length and setting depth after installation
  • Cold formed body ensures consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Optimized expander design with six grip features allows for a high load-bearing capacity

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