Hexagon Head Set Bolts Full Thread Stainless Steel

Hexagon Head Set Bolts Full Thread Stainless Steel Din 933. Swiftfix supply a large range of Hexagon Head Bolts and Sets in small to large diameters and extra long lengths. We supply them in a variety of coatings including self colour, zinc plated, galvanised, sheradised, stainless steel A2 & A4 316 as well as special materials and finished to order.

Hexagon Head Set Bolts

A4 stainless steel is known as a marine grade of stainless steel. It has an increased resistance in outdoor environments and to harsh chemicals. This is because it had a slightly higher chrome and molybdenum content than A2. A4 is generally more expensive than A2. But in the long run can be more cost-effective due to the lack of maintenance or replacement required.

A2 stainless steel has a high hardness level providing corrosion and oxidation resistance, with a good prevention of wear and tear. It does not rust, however, unlike A4 it cannot come into contact with salt so is not suitable for marine work like A4 is.

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