HSFG High Strength Fiction Grip Bolts

HSFG High Strength Fiction Grip Bolts complete with Hardened Nuts and Hardened Washers to EN14399

High Strength Friction grip bolts HSFG with HV Nuts and Washers.

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HSFG High strength friction grip bolts and nuts

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Data Sheet

HSFG High Strength Fiction Grip Bolts

What is the difference between standard bolts and HSFG high strength friction grip bolts?

High friction grip bolts are commonly used in structural steelwork. They consist of high tensile strength bolt in grade 8.8 or 10.9 with nuts and high load washers. The bolts are tightened to a shank tension so that the transverse load across the joint is resisted by the friction between the plated rather than the bolt shank’s shear strength.

Link for more information Preloaded bolting – SteelConstruction.info

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