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URS Mini Tie Bar Timber Frame Brackets

URS Mini Tie Bar Timber Frame Brackets


Technical Data

Technical Data

60mm x 180mm

The galvanised Urs and Urs mini tie bars can safely dissipate tensile and longitudinal-shear forces through the intermediate layer with no attenuation.

The problem:

• Loading condition 1: loading in the plane of the wall

• Loading condition 2: loading transverse to the plane of the wall

• Single and double shear

The solution:

• Resolving forces solves problems

The advantages:

• Screwing onto OSB/Fermacell® butt joint

• Assembly tolerance of 30 mm on the construction site

• Tension strap disappears into planking area

• Disappears into 180 mm screed area

• Supplied with fastening set

• With static calculation and mark of conformity

• Tension and longitudinal-shear anchoring (13.4 kN/1.3 kN)

The newly developed Urs and Urs mini tie connectors (mark of conformity in accordance with DIN 1052) are one solution for the problems just mentioned. The Urs tie bar transfers the tension and longitudinal-shear forces into the anchoring system via a slanted screw connection without exposing the intermediate layer (OSB or gypsum fibre board) to shearing. This solution means that edge distances of fasteners in the panel area are no longer critical. The slanted screw connection leads to the forces being resolved, so that the screw need only transfer tensile forces and the intermediate layer need only transfer compressive forces.

Installation is easy:

The fastener is simply positioned on the planking in the baseplate area and fastened to the post and the sill using slanted screws. Here, the connection is capable of transferring tension and longitudinal-shear forces from loading conditions 1 and 2 via the slanted screws into the Urs tie bar and ultimately into the floor slab via a plug. The connector is available in the Urs and Urs mini tie bar versions.

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