Flat washers

Flat Washers

For all types of Flat Washers visit our online shop or select the options below for various materials and grades.

Flat Washer Options

Form AForm BForm CForm D
Flat Form A WashersFlat Form A WashersFlat Form C WasherFlat Form A Washers
Form EForm FForm GHardened Structural
Flat Form E WasherForm F WasherFlat Form G WasherHardened Washer
PennyGalvanisedImperial Table 3 LightImperial Table 3 Heavy
Penny WasherGalvanised WasherFlat Form A WashersFlat Form A Washers
Imperial Table 4 LightImperial Table 4 HeavyImperial Table 7Imperial Table 8
Flat Form A WashersFlat Form A WashersImperial Table 7 and 8 WashersImperial Table 7 and 8 Washers
Imperial ANSI B18.22.1
Flat Form A Washers

We also stock a vast range of other types of washer including spring washers, taper washers, shakeproof washer, square plate washers and more.

For more information on this product, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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