Famag Bormax Forstner Bits

Famag Bormax Forstner Bits – Premium quality German made Bormax fast cutting forstner bits are available to buy from Swiftfix.

Included within our range are the Bormax 1624 Pilot Guided Forstner Bits, Bormax 1622 2.0, Bormax 1661/1663 TCT Carbide Tipped, and the Bormax 1623 Long Forstner Bits. The 1624 Pilot is ideal for drilling at an angle which is not 90° in workpieces surface, the 1622 2.0 and 1623 Long is best for fast cutting into softwood, European Hardwood, Chipboard, MDF etc. 1661/1663 TCT Carbide Tipped is suitable for all types of softwoods and hardwoods and is also designed for freehand use in a hand held drill.

For more information on the different variations please follow the links attached to the corresponding product.

Famag Bormax Forstner Bits

Bormax 1624 PilotBormax 1622 2.0
Bormax Carbide TippedBormax 1623 Long
Famag 1623 Bormax 2.0 Long Reach Forstner Bits

For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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