Famag Bormax Forstner Bits Pilot Guided

Famag Bormax Pilot guided forstner bits 1624 Premium Quality Forstner drill with centre drill.

The Famag Bormax Pilot Guided version has a removable centre drill or brad point.

The Famag Bormax Forstner bits design with centre drill works so well that they are quick enough to hold within a few seconds of being withdrawn from the hole, the cutting edges remain sharper for longer and so the overall durability of the tool is greatly extended and maintenance reduced.

As with all FAMAG products they are manufactured to exacting tolerances, so hole drilled with a FAMAG bit will always precisely match a plug cut with a corresponding FAMAG plug cutter.

Famag Bormax Forstner Pilot Guided
DINSize (Diameter x Length)Drive StyleUPC
162415.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271648
162416.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271655
162416.2mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271277794
162418.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271662
162420.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271679
162422.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271686
162425.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271693
162430.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271709
162435.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271271716
162440.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271275387
162445.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271275516
162450.0mm x 90mm10mm Hex Shank4026271275509

4mm Replacement HSS G Drill bit can be ordered separately.

For further information on Forstner 1624 products, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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