Premium Hardwood Drill Bits

Premium hardwood drill bits – wood augers and premium brad point drill bits for Tropical Hardwoods including Greenheart, Ekki, Opepe etc.

Ekki is also known as Azobe, Bongossi, Bonkole, Akoga, Kaku, Eba, Hendui

The Auger Bits have special tip for tropical hardwoods.

Drilling tropical hardwoods such as Ekki and greenheart can be challenging. We have the answer in our premium hardwood augers and brad drills. We supply special tipped augers suitable for drilling pilot holes for coach screws and hex bolts for sea defences and marina fenders ect.

Hardwood AugersBrad Point Drills
Hardwood augers

If you have anymore information on our Drill Bits or general order enquiries, please see contact information below.

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