G&B Vinylester Nordic Resin Anchors

G&B Vinylester Nordic Resin Anchors GEBOFIX NORDIC VE-SF
Styrene-free vinylester resine

G&B Vinylester Nordic Resin Anchors

High quality bonded anchor based on vinylester Resin styrene free with special winter formulation for applications at low temperature till -20°C


  • It grants a safety fixing and high loads values even on solids and hollow supports, also in wet holes and on wood.
  • Application and workable till -20° C.
  • Water impermeable joint.
  • No expansion effect, allowing fixing close to the edges.
  • Resin does not modify the external appearance of the support.
  • Very high chemical resistance.
  • Low in odour: it is styrene free.

On solid supports, used with galvanized steel, stainless steel accessories.
On semisolid supports, used with steel perforated sleeve and polypropylene brush.

GEBOFIX Nordic VE-SF Application

It is suited for fixing medium and heavy loads on solid and hollow supports: stone, concrete, aerated concrete, solid and hollow bricks. It is indicated for reinforcement bars, application on wood and metal carpentry, for fixing of facades, railings, grills, sanitary fittings, pipe connections, threaded collars, profiles. Also suitable as repair resin or adhesive resin for concrete components.

Characteristics Vinylester Nordic

  • For use with special application gun and static mixers.
  • Nordic range temperature resistant up to +80° C; for short periods up to +120° C.
  • Application temperature till -20° C up to max +20° C.
  • Storage temperature -20° C to max 25° C.
  • Storage life from production date: 18 months for cartridge 410ml; 12 months for cartridge 300 ml.

Resin Material Application

Stone/Concrete, Solid Brick, Semi-Solid Brick, Hollow Brick, Hollow Concrete Block & Light Concrete

Resin Accessories


Professional Metal Resin Cartridge Gun for 380 or 410ml Resin Cartridges. To view our resin applicators, click the link here.

Please contact our Swiftfix team for more information on G&B Vinylester Nordic and our range of Resin products.

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