G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors – Vinylester, Polyester, Epoxy

G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors

Our Swiftfix catalogue provide a large range of resin fixings for various applications.
For fixing threaded studs, rebar. handrails and railings etc

MA400 Polyester ResinGebofix Vinylester Resin
G&B MA400 Polyester Resin G&B Fissaggi Resin AnchorsG&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors
Nordic Resin for WinterT400 Pure Epoxy Resin
G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors

MA400 Polyester Resin

It is a high quality bonded anchor based on polyester resin, suited for a reliable fixing with high performances. Also designed for use on main construction materials, granting high loading values.

Suited for fixing medium and heavy loads on solid and hollow supports: stone, concrete, aerated concrete, solid and hollow bricks. Indicated for application of wood and metal carpentry, for fixing of facades, railings, grills, sanitary fittings, pipe connections, and also for fixing of hinges within wood and aluminium doors and frames sector.

Gebofix Vinylester Resin

A high quality bonded anchor for high performance based on styrene-free vinylester resin with certification for fixings in seismic areas. Also CE Option 1 certified for applications on cracked and non-cracked concrete, with threaded bars class 5.5, class 8.8 and stainless steel, and reinforced bars. Certified also for use in flooded bore holes. Ideal also for applications on wood. CE Certified for appliction in solid and hollow masonry.

Nordic Resin for Winter

High quality bonded anchor based on vinylester styrene-free resin with special winter formulation for applications at low temperature up to -20 °C. The product is CE approved OPTION 1, for applications on cracked and non-cracked concrete and also in dry or flooded bore holes. Certified for applications with threaded bars class 5.5, class 8.8 as well as stainless steel, and reinforced bars.

T400 Pure Epoxy Resin


Pure epoxy resin 3:1 is suitable for structural applications. Also CE certified OPTION 1 for use on cracked and non-cracked concrete with threaded rods reinforced bars. It is also certified for application on seismic area C1 and C2 category.

Resin Accessories


Professional Metal Resin Cartridge Gun for 380 or 410ml Resin Cartridges. To view our resin applicators click the link here.

Please contact our Swiftfix team for more information on our range G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors as well as our resin accessories.

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