JCP Resin Anchors Vinylester Hi load Resin

JCP Resin Anchors Vinylester Hi Load Resin used for fixing threaded studs, rebar, handrails, railings and more. At Swiftfix, we supply a large range of resin fixings for various applications.

Vinylester Hi load Resin
Hi Load Resin Vinylester
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JCP Resin Anchors Vinylester Hi load Resin, Vinylester ETA Option 7 and WRAS Approval

The Vinylester 2 Part Injection resin is suitable for use use in solid concrete, solid brickwork and natural stone as well as hollow base material using suitable. It can be used for fitting threaded studs, threaded sockets and rebar in wet or dry conditions. It is also approved to be used where it is in contact with drinking water.

Vinylester Resin is a two part grey resin (10:1) suitable for use in the vast majority of base materials. It can be used for installing threaded studs, rebar or internal threaded sockets for structural applications such as columns, façades, machines and more.


Professional Metal Resin Cartridge GunMixing Nozzles
Resin Cartridge GunMixing Nozzles

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