Rawlplug R-KER Vinylester Resin

Rawlplug R-KER Vinylester Resin for high load applications. Especially suited for use with grade 8.8 resin studs where specified which is a common practice.

Rawlplug R-KER Resin Features and benefits

  • Approved for use with threaded rods for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete (EAD 330499-00-0601)
  • Suitable for use in low temperatures (down to -20°C for winter option) enables use throughout the year
  • Winter version of Rawlplug R-KER can be used in warmer temperatures for faster curing
  • Vinylester Resin suitable for use in dry or wet substrates and water filled holes
  • Rapid Resin bonding time enables quick execution of works
  • Very high load capacity
  • 400ml Resin tube
  • Anchor does not generate tensions in the substrate which enables Rawlplug R-KER to be specified where closer edge and spacing distances are required
  • Suitable for multiple use. Partly used Rawlplug product can be reused after fitting new nozzle

More information can be founf on the data sheet and the Rawlplug R-KER can be purchased online.

Vinylester Resin Instruction Guide

Resin installation stage 1
Step 1
Resin installation stage 2
Step 2
Resin installation stage 3
Step 3
Resin installation stage 5
Step 4
Resin installation stage 5
Step 5
Resin Installtion stage 6
Step 6
Resin Installation stage 7
Step 7
Resin Installation stage 8
Rawlplug R-KER Vinylester Resin
Step 8

Please contact our Swiftfix team for more information on Rawlplug R-KER Vinylester Resin.

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