G and B Fissaggi Resin Anchors Pure Epoxy


T400 Pure Epoxy Resin

Pure Epoxidic Resin

 Dual components bonded anchor, based on pure epoxy resin 1:1, suited for structural fastenings on concrete, stone, solid bricks, wood. It  grants high load  values  and very high performance.

• High performance even in case of holes with reduced placing depth.
• Strong and safety anchoring even under water and in diamond drilled holes.
• Water impermeable joint.
• Flexible working time at elevated temperature
• Cartridge can be used up to the end of the validity date by replacing the static mixer or resealing cartridge with the sealing cap.

Usable with galvanized steel, stainless steel accessories.

It is particularly suited for reinforcement of wooden floors, anchoring concrete rebar steel, fixing in holes immersed in water and in coring holes, for difficult fixing in each kind of material.

• High chemical resistance.
• No shrinkage.
• Transport and storage temperature: +5 ÷ +25° C.
• Storage life from production date: 24 months.



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