Rawlplug Kemfix R-KEM Polyester Resin Cartridges

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Swiftfix supply a large range of resin fixings for various applications.
For fixing threaded studs, rebar. handrails, railings etc


R-KEM Polyester Resin

  • Wide range of applications in the medium load range
  • Ideal for applications where conventional expansion anchors are not appropriate
  • Effortless extrusion due to patented self-opening system with manual or pneumatic dispenser guns
  • Can be used with standard silicone dispenser
  • Suitable for repetitive use. Partly used product can be reused by fitting a new mixing nozzle
  • Suitable for water filled holes, except sea water
  • Several embedment depths possible
  • One nozzle fits all injection mortar systems
  • Available in standard, summer and winter version
Technical Data

Technical Data

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Buy Online

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