5.0mm A2 Stainless Coach Screws – Din 571

5.0mm Diameter A2 Stainless Steel Coach Screws with a Hexagon Head to Din 571   –

A coach screw is basically a hexagon headed wood screw, also known as a lag screw. They are available in extra long lengths up to 300mm in stainless steel. For marine or coastal enviroments you will need A4 316 grade stainless.

We supply coach screws from 4mm diameter up to 16mm diameter as standard in stainless steel. Large quantities can be made to order for bigger diameters such as 20 and 24mm.

5.0mm Diameter Sizing

A2 Stainless Coach Screws - Din 571
DINMaterialSize (Diameter x Length)UPC
571A2 3045.0mm x 20mm4043377045072
571A2 3045.0mm x 25mm4043377045089
571A2 3045.0mm x 30mm4043377045096
571A2 3045.0mm x 35mm4043377045102
571A2 3045.0mm x 40mm4043377045119
571A2 3045.0mm x 45mm4043377045126
571A2 3045.0mm x 50mm4043377045133
571A2 3045.0mm x 60mm4043377045140
571A2 3045.0mm x 70mm

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More A2 Coach Screws Sizing


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