Countersunk Pozi Self Drilling Screws Wing Tip – Wood to Steel

Countersunk Pozi Self drilling screws for fixing timber to steel work. Ideal for mezzanine floors, truck beds, wood panels and more.

Available with a small drill point and coarse thread for thin steel up to 3mm, or with a long drill tip and fine thread for thick steel section up to 12mm.

Countersunk Pozi Self Drilling Screws

Zinc PlatedStainless SteelExternal Coated (Ruspert)
Zinc Self DrillingStainless Steel Self DrillingExternal Self Drilling

Self drilling screws Features:

  • Specifically designed to attach wood to heavy section steel (Max. 12mm).
  • Metric thread with wings designed to ream out the timber, so the screw can achieve Max. R.P.M. without burning out.
  • When the wings hit the metal they will break off to permit the thread to self-tap into the metal.

Additional Options

Hex Steel to SteelHex Thin Steel to TimberCountersunk for Light Section Steel
Hex Steel to SteelHex Thin SteelCSK Light Section
Countersunk for Thicker SteelCountersunk Stainless SteelSelf Drilling Insulation
CSK Thicker SteelCSK Stainless SteelSelf Drilling Insulation
Fibre Cement RoofHex Self Drilling for Insulated CladdingPan Head
Fibre CementInsulated CladdingPan Head
Sheathing BoardPan Stainless SteelHex Stainless Steel
Sheathing BoardPan HeadHex Stainless Steel
Heavy Section PH DriveRawlplug Countersunk Wingtip Screws
External Self DrillingExternal Self Drilling

For more information on Self Drilling Screws, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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