3.5mm Slotted Wood Screws

3.5mm Slotted Wood Screws countersunk head to Din 97

Traditional wood screws avilable countersunk and round head for use with a flat slotted screwdriver or driver bit.

We keep a large range of stock available at the best prices available online. Select the sizes and click on the images below for online ordering.

Countersunk Slotted Wood Screws Din 97 A4 stainless steel
3.5 x 12mm3.5 x 16mm3.5 x 20mm
3.5 x 25mm3.5 x 30mm3.5 x 35mm
3.5 x 40mm3.5 x 45mm3.5 x 50mm

Din 97 Countersunk slotted wood screws full range avialable online.


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