5.0mm Countersunk Slotted Screws

5.0mm Countersunk Slotted wood screws in stainless steel.

Traditional style wood screws manufactured to Din 97 for customers who require the old style wood screw look and finish.

Din 97 Countersunk Slotted Wood Screws stainless steel
5.0 x 16mm5.0 x 20mm5.0 x 25mm5.0 x 30mm
5.0 x 35mm5.0 x 40mm5.0 x 45mm5.0 x 50mm
5.0 x 60mm5.0 x 65mm5.0 x 70mm5.0 x 75mm
5.0 x 80mm5.0 x 90mm5.0 x 100mm

Other diameters available;


Available in A2 stainless steel and 316 Marine grade stainless steel.

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