Wafer Head Index Screws Landscape Fixings

Wafer head index screws, landscape screws and fixings with a flange Head washer type and torx drive.

The Index Screws are ideal for installing fencing, fixing railway sleepers, garden structures etc. With a special green coating the protect the fixings in the outdoor enviroment. For a structure near the coast or salt water area we recommend A4 316 marine grade stainless steel screws.

6.7 x 60mm6.7 x 75mm6.7 x 95mm6.7 x 125mm
6.7 x 150mm6.7 x 175mm
8.0 x 200mm8.0 x 225mm8.0 x 250mm8.0 x 275mm
8.0 x 300mm8.0 x 350mm8.0 x 400mm

Designed as an alternative to the traditional coach screw mainly used for timber to timber applications. Wafer head for improved clamping and a low profile finish. Coated with a patented multi-layer corrosion resistant plating to withstand 1,000 hours salt spray test, this screw is ideal for external applications.

• Wafer head countersunk and TX30 recess
• Long lasting plating withstands up to 1,000 hours salt spray resistance in accordance to BS EN 9227:2012
• Patented lubrication, designed to enhance screw insertion time and provides greater resistance to corrosion
• Helix shank for removing debris and to improve clamping
• 50° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
• Single slash point to reduce torque and the risk of timber splitting at low edge distance
• 25° sharp point and single lead for a fast start and improved thread acceptance

Fixing into timber, decking, stairs, fencing, roofing, landscaping etc.

Plated to give a high resistance to corrosion.

As an alternative to the above we can offer Paneltwistec screws with 1000hr salt spray tested.

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