Simpson CSA5.0x40 Connector Screw

Simpson CSA5.0x40

Simpson CSA5.0x40 connector screw has been developed for installing Simpson Strong-Tie connectors to timber, in order to obtain the published load bearing capacities. The conical shape under the head ensures a full contact with the connector which increases the transfer of force. A fixed connection with larger cross-bearing capacity than for standard screws is obtained. The 6 lobe recess helps to fix the screw during insertion.

Simpson CSA5.0x40

Simpson CSA Connector Screws



  • Steel – Electro galvanised coating

Features of CSA5.0x40

  • ETA approved (ETA-04/0013)
  • 6 lobe drive
  • Conical shape under the head for secure fit in connector holes
  • Type 17 point to prevent splitting of timber

Connector Screw Application

Suitable On

Supporting / Supported member: solid wood, composite lumber, glued-laminated wood.

Common Applications

Fixing connectors to timber: Joist hangersAngle brackets


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Other sizes available are;

PDF date sheet for Aluminium Joists
Data Sheet

5.0 x 30mm / 5.0 x 35mm / 5.0 x 40mm / 5.0 x 50mm / 5.0 x 80mm

A stainless steel version is also available.

Screws also available through the Swiftfix Distributors Ltd. website