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45mm x 300mm Lewis Wood Auger with a 13mm hex shank and a 220mm cutting spiral


45mm x 300mm Lewis Wood Auger with a 13mm hex shank and a 220mm cutting spiral 764MET4500300

High quality Professional Extra Long Auger bits available up to 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1080mm long and up to 32mm, 40mm & 50mm Diameters.

The above Lewis Wood Auger Bits are suitable for Softwoods and European Hardwoods.

Our Lewis Auger bits are characterized by a milled round spiral. This spiral type ensures maximum bending stiffness by highest chip space. Thereby our auger bit promotes particularly good take off of the chips and are pronounced with "directional stability". This is particularly important when deep holes have to be drilled and the wood fibres of the material try to stop the drill while drilling in a forward direction.

The Auger bits have a taper tap, a main cutting edge and sophisticated threaded tip which works extremely good in softwood but also in European hardwood. They are used by carpenters, automatic joinery systems and everywhere where deep holes are drilled. For the torsion protection in the machines, we manufacture the shafts with a hexagon (from diameter 10mm).

About 130 individual diameters are in the overall lengths 235, 320, 460, 650 und 1.000 mm available.

We supply the extra long augers with lengths of 1,080 mm. These auger bits have a 1,010mm long spiral and thus differ from the 1,000 mm long lines which have a spiral length of 380 mm up to 32mm and 535mm spral from 34mm diameter. The advantages of a very long spiral is that the chips are extracted more comfortable and quicker from the hole and this gives the drill are directional stability even in deep holes

The feedback we receive from our customers is excellent. A premium product thats worth the cost.

£122.48 In stock
Premium milled spiral


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