4.5mm Timco Classic C2 Wood Screws

4.5mm Timco Classic C2 Pozi Countersunk wood screws that will drive into most European hardwoods including oak without pre-drilling. Perfect for joinery and furniture workshops, builders, plumbers and most professional trades. The C2 will replace most top brands and provide a large cost saving.

The Classic C2 screw has special features and benefits.

Box QuantitySizeMaterialRange
2004.5mm x 30mmZinc & Yellow PassivatedClassic C2
2004.5mm x 40mmZinc & Yellow PassivatedClassic C2
2004.5mm x 50mmZinc & Yellow PassivatedClassic C2
2004.5mm x 60mmZinc & Yellow PassivatedClassic C2
2004.5mm x 70mmZinc & Yellow PassivatedClassic C2
2004.5mm x 80mmZinc & Yellow PassivatedClassic C2

4.5mm Timco Classic C2 is a twin cut multi-purpose screw which has a deep recess to prevent Cam-out, ribs under the head for improved countersinking. The first cut has been designed for rapid pick-up and the second cut has been applied to prevent splitting. It can be used for multiple materials like hardwood, softwood, thin sheet metal, chipboard, plastic & MDF.


Available Sizing for Timco Classic C2 Premium Wood Screws

3.5mm Diameter4.0mm Diameter4.5mm Diameter5.0mm Diameter 6.0mm Diameter

C2 Classic Screws Available in Tubs

Find more on the 4.5mm Timco Classic C2 screws available on Swiftfix here.

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