5.0mm C2 Strongfix Screws

Pozi Countersunk wood screws 5.0mm C2 Strongfix Screws that will drive into most european hardwoods including oak without pre-drilling. Perfect for joinery and furniture workshops, builders, plumbers and most proffessional trades. The C2 will replace most top brands and provide a large cost saving.

The Classic C2 screw has special features and benefits.

PartSize (mm)Size (imp)DrivePack QtyPack TypePurchase
50030C25.0 x 3010 x 1 1/4PZ2200BoxBuy
50040C25.0 x 4010 x 1 1/2PZ2200BoxBuy
50045C25.0 x 4510 x 1 3/4PZ2200BoxBuy
50050C25.0 x 5010 x 2PZ2200BoxBuy
50060C25.0 x 6010 x 2 1/2PZ2200BoxBuy
50070C25.0 x 7010 x 2 3/4PZ2200BoxBuy
50075C25.0 x 7510 x 2 7/8PZ2200BoxBuy
50080C25.0 x 8010 x 3PZ2200BoxBuy
50090C25.0 x 9010 x 3 1/2PZ2100BoxBuy
50100C25.0 x 10010 x 4PZ2100BoxBuy
50120C25.0 x 12010 x 4 3/4PZ2100BoxBuy

5.0mm C2 Strongfix Screws


A premium multi-material screw featuring the award winning C2 twin-cut technology. The dual angle full thread design ensures maximum pull-out strength on every fixing. Ideal for applications when optimum holding force is required such as hinges, brackets and high load environments.

  • Deep recess to prevent ‘cam-out’, giving a precise and positive drive control on every screw
  • Ribs under head for improved countersinking and to give a smooth and flush finish, also prevents splitting and material damage
  • Coated with a high-molecular polymer lubricant that reduces the insertion torque by up to 52% and increases rust protection up to 20 times longer than a standard zinc plating
  • Dual angle thread gives an ultimate performance and an exceptionally high pull-out resistance
  •  Patented twin cut technology for rapid “pick-up” and reduces timber splitting
  • All sizes up to and including 75mm are fully threaded and lengths 80mm and above all have 70mm thread length

Timco C2 Strongfix 5.0mm

5.0mm C2 Strongfix Tub
The C2 for external use with 1000 hr salt spray tested coating
C2 Head The C2 has a deep recess to reduce “cam-out” and ribs under the head for improved countersinking.
Classic Thread The Classic thread ensures a secure fixing.
Twin Cut Point Patented twin cut technology for rapid “pick-up” and reduced splitting.

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