Metal Grinding Discs

Metal grinding discs are perfect for use on metal or stone. One side of the disc has a finishing with abrasive grains for grinding off rust or paint. These products can also be of use in preparing metal and stone surfaces. They are easy to fit, and there are a variety of sizes available. Overall, they are an essential accessory that allows you to use your grinder for a diverse range of tasks in finishing and polishing metal. The ones we sell at Swiftfix are bonded, fully reinforced, and manufactured to the highest European standards.

DIN Standard: 520

Metal Grinding Discs Available:

115mm (4 1/2 inch)125mm (5 inch)180mm (7 inch)230mm (9 inch)
Grinding DiscGrinding DiscGrinding DiscGrinding Disc

​For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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