Rag Bolts Din 529

Rag Bolts Din 529 / Indented Foundation Bolts are available in M10, M12, M16, M20, M24 & M30

When imperial indented foundation bolting (IFB) to BS.1494 was made obsolete, no equivalent was issued and therefore when they were converted over to metric sizes, they were replaced by and manufactured in accordance with DIN.529, Pattern E.


The best results are obtained when IFB’s are placed in situ when the concrete is poured.

When this is not possible or when fitting to existing structures, the hole required should be 6-10mm larger than the maximum diameter (E), and not less than 10mm deeper than the portion of embedment (D).

The prepared grout mixture should then be poured into the cavity and the
bolt inserted, ensuring that the bolt is rotated to released trapped air pockets.
It is important to allow the grouting mix to set thoroughly before loading the bolt.

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