Rothoblaas KKT Wood Screws

Rothoblaas KKT Wood Screws Exterior use screws with a conical head. Available in carbon steel with organic coating and A4 marine grade stainless steel.

The carbon steel version with organic coating is available in five different colours and includes a self-perforating tip with a double notch that increases the capacity to cut the fibres during tightening. The A4 stainless steel version includes a self-perforating tip with a single notch and is also available with a brown or grey coloured head. The total thread version is recommended for fastenings coupled with connectors for patios and façades. For all versions, the bit is included in each box.

Rothoblaas KKT Screws
KKT Screws with coloured matched Heads
KKT Coloured Sizing
5.0mm x 40mm5.0mm x 50mm5.0mm x 60mm
5.0mm x 70mm5.0mm x 80mm6.0mm x 60mm
6.0mm x 80mm6.0mm x 100mm6.0mm x 120mm
KKT Screws for decks
KKT stainless screws
A4 stainless steel

For Rothoblaas KKT Wood Screws please contact our sales team on +44 (023) 80 446644

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