Timber Extending Wall Brace Support

Timber Extending Wall Brace is the perfect solution for bracing timber walls during house building. A high quality heavy duty galvanised steel extending wall brace support that extends from 1600mm up to 3000mm, therefore provides significant span for wall brace construction. The brace has locating pins along the body for quick extension. When the locating pin is fixed the end has a 20mm threaded end piece for fine adjustment.

Timber Extending Wall Brace Support

Extending Wall Brace

Makes the assembly of prefabricated walls significantly easier

Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, they can support walls until they are fully assembled without any problems and therefore take the place of many helping hands. A locking pin system allows especially quick and easy adjustment of the wall support’s height. Subsequent fine adjustment is also possible using threaded rods.

Features of the Timber Extending Wall Brace Support


  • 45 Degree adjustment

Adjustment range of 160–300 cm:

  • Basic adjustment via 13 stop positions at intervals of 10.6 cm
  • Fine adjustment with an adjustment range of 19 cm
  • Up to 3 metre adjustment

Advantages of Timber Extending Wall Braces:

  • Universal application
  • Easy operation
  • Fast assembly
  • Almost no force needed from the user
  • Very secure and sturdy
  • Saves time

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Similar to the giraffe wall braces named because of the long neck.

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