Hexagon Head Bolts

Hexagon Head Bolts – A hexagon bolt or hex bolt its common name is a partial threaded bolt with a plain shank and hexagon shaped head.

Available in metric to din 931 in various grades including 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9, and Imperial UNF and UNC to BS1768 or older thread styles like BSW (whitworth) BSF British standard fine and BA to British stanadard BS1083.

Various finish of the hexagon head bolts are also available including self colour (unplated oiled), zinc plated, galvanised, sheradised, stainless steel etc.

Metric is the common thread type in production today across the UK, Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. Imperial like UNF or UNC are used in the USA. Usually specified by the diameter ie M12 then by the length ie 50mm. This identifies the thread diameter and the length of the fastener.

A BZP or bright zinc plating is one which has a thin coating of zinc added during production. This protective coating adds durability by protecting the product against rust or oxidisation.

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